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Smart Buildings

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What is a Smart Building?
A Smart Building integrates core building management platforms via intelligent sensors that feed data to the cloud.

At Smart buildings limited we enable core stakeholders to monitor, automate and even remotely control a variety of core energy-consuming building elements (such as heating, lighting and air conditioning e.g.) to maximise operational efficiency.

In addition to increasing employee satisfaction and reducing negative environmental impacts; smart “as a service” solutions can reduce property spends by up to 40%, maintenance costs by 20-30% and energy consumption by between 15 and 20%, depending on appetite for change.

Cost neutral capex … significantly reduced opex

Who are you?

The benefits of a Smart Building extends to people, too. Our in-house z3ro web and mobile applications encourage operators and employees to be more productive through environmental controls and flexible work support – providing them with one single platform to manage the multiple different operating systems they normally require access to thrive.

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When you’ve invested capital and time in a building – it needs to pay its way from the start.

Smart Buildings use sensors to deliver real-time insights so your operators/managers can prioritise areas of need, which cuts the amount of energy you use – helping to green your investment.

We can either support you and your property on an advisory/consultancy basis; or via a managed partnership enabling you to make informed decisions across your portfolio.
When you’re managing a multi- occupancy building, you need as much help as you can get.

Step forward Smart Buildings: an intelligent data-driven solution to building management that delivers all the relevant information you need to make your property run at its best. A system that’s proactive rather than reactive. A system that can reduce your maintenance spend by up to 30% through visual and automated checks informed by the data held within our z3ro platform.
In the new world of work, your business – and your premises – need to be as flexible as your staff.

And that’s where the ingenious z3ro app and software cloud platform comes in once more

Working within the Smart Building eco system, z3ro helps you match your facilities – like desks, chairs and meeting rooms – to the requirements of your employees: day by day, hour by hour. The result is an environment that encourages productivity, saves time and reduces waste.


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3 Stages of a Smart Building
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One of the core benefits of our offering is we are system and sector agnostic - meaning a building is a building and an asset is an asset; however our in-house infrastructure will still unlock the same environmental, operational, user and commercial benefits; via our single pane of glass - user-friendly operational platform (z3ro).


Require more intelligent maintenance regimes to drive down operating costs?

Talk to us about how our solutions can drive predictive and proactive maintenance across your portfolio.


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Need some support with adapting legislation?

We have a wealth of experience in ensuring our products support legislative compliance, alongside operational improvements in line with world challenges – ask us more.


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Health and Education

Bound by healthcare HTM regulations,  or just want to create more value within the education space?

Get in touch to discuss how our solutions can reduce unnecessary spend, increase compliance, support the environment and raise satisfaction levels across these core sectors.


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Are you a Landlord or tenant wanting to drive energy efficiencies yields through your agreement... let's discuss how our integrated smart solution can deliver this plus more benefits.

What's Next

We’re continually updating our web content so look out for the next release which will include; 

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